Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Current.org | Ira Glass on making radio, page 1

Current.org | Ira Glass on making radio, page 1: "This is a complete edited transcript from Glass's talk. A large excerpt was published in Current, May 25, 1998. Thanks to Minnesota Public Radio for the photos by Dan Monick and the tape.

By Ira Glass

I want to talk a little bit about making radio stories and how we do it on the show that's different from what is perhaps traditionally done on public radio.
No. 1: Seeking pleasure
No. 2: What we're all used to
No. 3: How we structure a story
No. 4: What people want
No. 5: Stroke of luck
No. 6: Surprises
No. 7: The 45-second rule
No. 8: Reading
No. 9: Another way to tell a story
No. 10: More dish
No. 11: Alex Chadwick
No. 12: How do you find these stories
No. 13: Mission"