Friday, March 18, 2011

Documentation Camera Dolly - Grathio Labs

Documentation Camera Dolly - Grathio Labs: "This overhead camera dolly holds a camera pointing straight down onto your work surface and it lets you easily move it both side-to-side and toward and away from you so it can focus on any part of your workspace."

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Python: interfacing with an arduino |

Python: interfacing with an arduino: "First we import the serial library to python in order to communicate with the arduino (this includes talking over usb)."

Tracking Signups with Woot Lights | Loggly

Tracking Signups with Woot Lights | Loggly: "The ground wire and and the trigger pin (port 13) are at the top, but covered up in the diagram above. You’ll need a PNP transistor, readily available from Radio Shack, or Fry’s. You can also order them on Sparkfun, where you can get an Arduino if you don’t have one already."