Saturday, April 26, 2008


ZooKeeper: "Building distributed systems is a zoo...

ZooKeeper is a service for coordinating processes of distributed applications. Historically distributed processes are coordinated using group messaging, shared registers, or distributed lock services. ZooKeeper incorporates elements from all these servers, but incorporates them into a replicated centralized service. The interface exposed by ZooKeeper incorporates the wait-free aspects of group messaging and shared registers with an eventing mechanism similar to those of locking services to provide a simple, yet powerful coordination service."

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Printable Paper

Printable Paper: "Hundreds of papers you can download and print for free. We've got graph paper, lined paper, financial paper, music paper, and more."

Squared 5 - MPEG Streamclip video converter for Mac and Windows

Squared 5 - MPEG Streamclip video converter for Mac and Windows: "MPEG Streamclip is a powerful video converter, player, editor for Mac and Windows. It can play many movie files, not only MPEGs; it can convert MPEG files between muxed/demuxed formats for authoring; it can encode movies to many formats, including iPod; it can cut, trim and join movies.
MPEG Streamclip can also download videos from YouTube and Google by entering the page URL."

Nitpicker wiki / The Humane Interface

Nitpicker wiki / The Humane Interface: "A summary of design rules"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

YouTube - Pikmin - Ai no Uta (English Lyrics)

YouTube - Pikmin - Ai no Uta (English Lyrics): "It's the famous Ai no Uta song from the Japanese Pikmin commercial with the lyrics translated into English. The song was made by Strawberry Flower. It's one of my favorite game related songs."

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lingon by Peter Borg

Lingon by Peter Borg: "Lingon is a graphical user interface for creating launchd configuration files for Mac OS X Leopard (10.5). You get all your launchd configuration files listed hierarchically so you can easily see all and choose which one to edit. Editing a configuration file is easier than ever in this version and the most common settings are readily available."

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Small Memory Software

Small Memory Software

Also Sprach Zarathustra as Performed by Deodato (1972) � Old School Music Lover

Also Sprach Zarathustra as Performed by Deodato (1972) � Old School Music Lover: "Also Sprach Zarathustra, op. 30 is a tone poem by Richard Strauss, composed in 1896 and inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s book Also sprach Zarathustra. The composer conducted its first performance in Frankfurt."

Friday, April 18, 2008

Milliways: Infocom's Unreleased Sequel to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -

Milliways: Infocom's Unreleased Sequel to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - "From an anonymous source close to the company, I've found myself in possession of the 'Infocom Drive' — a complete backup of Infocom's shared network drive from 1989. This is one of the most amazing archives I've ever seen, a treasure chest documenting the rise and fall of the legendary interactive fiction game company. Among the assets included: design documents, email archives, employee phone numbers, sales figures, internal meeting notes, corporate newsletters, and the source code and game files for every released and unreleased game Infocom made.

For obvious reasons, I can't share the whole Infocom Drive. But I have to share some of the best parts. It's just too good."

Thursday, April 17, 2008

How to Make Great Fresh Mozzarella Cheese - Instructables - DIY, How To, food, home

How to Make Great Fresh Mozzarella Cheese - Instructables - DIY, How To, food, home: "There are a lot of recipes on the internet but a lot of them seem to skip an important step or 2 or don't really explain it well enough, so I have made many batches through trial and error combining things that I have learned and experimented with (so you don't have to) and come up with this recipe that seems to work real good."

Friday, April 11, 2008

DarkCopy - Simple, full screen text editing

DarkCopy - Simple, full screen text editing: "DarkCopy is for anyone who enjoy the simplicity of a typewriter, and wants to increase productivity by focusing only on writing. It was created as a free, web-based clone of WriteRoom."


Chess: "Completely rewrite from OliThink with a very fast move generator (based on OliPerft). 100% stable. Engine runs without any chess information. No book, no pawnstructure etc. ELO about 2400, is able to beat strong engines like Crafty and Glaurung in tournament games."

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories - Sierpinski Cookies

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories - Sierpinski Cookies: "A few months ago we showed you how to make beautiful fractals in polymer clay. Take that idea, run with it, and where do you end up? In the kitchen, making Sierpinski cookies! These cookies, made from contrasting colors of butter cookie dough, are a tasty realization of the Sierpinski carpet, producing lovely, edible fractals. As with our earlier project involving clay, you can make these by using a simple iterative algorithmic process of stretching out the dough and folding it over onto itself in a specific pattern."

ukdigitalradio: News

ukdigitalradio: News: "Since the beginning of April 2008, the Birdsong channel has been upgraded to stereo and currently broadcasts 24 hours a day."

Monday, April 07, 2008

linux rpath

LDLIBS=-L$(LIBXML2)/lib -lxml2 -Wl,--rpath,$(LIBXML2)/lib

Saturday, April 05, 2008 XML Parser Benchmarks: Part 1 XML Parser Benchmarks: Part 1: "These benchmarks cover event-driven parser models like SAX and StAX, object model parsers like DOM, and also new breeds of XML parsers like Apache's AXIOM, which only builds parts of the document tree in the memory."

Friday, April 04, 2008

Downloading MIDI Files

Downloading MIDI Files: "During the Disklavier/Video Recordings of the competition (2008), contestants performed on Disklavier Pro pianos in Moscow, Shanghai, Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York, and Paris. During the recording process, a high resolution XP Standard MIDI File was created. These XP SMFs were use for playback before the screening jury at the Piano Salon at Yamaha Artit Services Inc. in New York City."

Euler's Constancy

Euler's Constancy: "There never was a mathematician as productive as Euler. Math writer W. W. Rouse Ball computed that from 1736, when Euler began publishing regularly, to his death from a stroke in 1783,

there is for each and every fortnight in 47 years a separate effort of mathematical invention, digested, arranged, written in Latin, and amplified, often to a tedious extent, by corollaries and scholia. Through all this mass, the power of the inventor is almost uniformly distributed, and apparently without effort. There is nothing like this, except this, in the history of �science."

Thursday, April 03, 2008

China, China's Boomtowns - National Geographic Magazine

China, China's Boomtowns - National Geographic Magazine: "But Wenzhou had the priceless capital of native instinct. Families opened tiny workshops, often with fewer than a dozen workers, and they produced simple goods. Over time, workshops blossomed into full-scale factories, and Wenzhou came to dominate certain low-tech industries. Today, one-quarter of all shoes bought in China come from Wenzhou. The city makes 70 percent of the world's cigarette lighters. Over 90 percent of Wenzhou's economy is private.

The Wenzhou Model, as it became known, spread throughout southern Zhejiang Province. Although nearly 80 percent of all Zhejiang entrepreneurs have a formal education of only eight years or less, the province has become the richest in China by most measures. The per capita incomes for both rural and urban residents are the highest of any Chinese province (this excludes specially administered cities such as Shanghai and Beijing). Zhejiang reflects China's economic miracle: a poor, overwhelmingly rural nation that has somehow become the world's most vibrant factory center."

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Toad World > Community > Quest Experts' Blogs - How to use the Quest SQL Optimizer

Toad World - Community - Quest Experts' Blogs - How to use the Quest SQL Optimizer: "Quest SQL Optimizer can do an extensive transformation of the syntax of a SQL statement while still maintaining the exact same result set. This exhaustive transformation can produce hundreds of SQL alternatives. So it is necessary to have some insight as how to find a SQL alternative that is better than your original SQL statement without spending too much time. This is especially true when you have a SQL statement with complicated syntax."

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


QTCoffee: "QTCoffee 1.2.5 is a set of command-line Mac OS X utilities for manipulating QuickTime movies and other QuickTime readable media (AVIs, MPEGs, as well as audio files such as MP3s and AACs)."


qt_tools: "QT_TOOLS is a small suite of Mac OS X command line tools for dealing with QuickTime movies. If you don't understand the cult of the command, that's fine: these tools are not for you!"