Sunday, January 20, 2008

"Reflections: The Cleave Cartmill Affair: Two" by Robert Silverberg

"Reflections: The Cleave Cartmill Affair: Two" by Robert Silverberg: "'Deadline' is often cited today as an example of science fiction’s ability to predict the future. As Campbell went to such pains to demonstrate long ago, it did no such thing. It simply recycled existing data. A far better example of prophetic power is Heinlein’s 'Solution Unsatisfactory' of 1941, in which atomic bombs are developed by the United States and the quasi-Soviet 'Eurasian Union,' a brief atomic war breaks out that we win, and America thereafter finds it necessary to impose a military dictatorship over the rest of the world to prevent future nuclear warfare. Now there’s true extrapolation by a master of the form!"