Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Design Within Reach - Muro Media Storage - Unfinished

Design Within Reach - Muro Media Storage - Unfinished: "Muro Media Storage delivers the look and function of a wall-mounted flat panel TV, but without the hassle of hardwiring. Made from unfinished MDF, Muro is ready for paint or wallpaper. Paint this do-it-yourself version the same color as your wall for the ultimate streamlined look, or make it stand out with a different color or wallpaper. The Muro features a wall-mounted load-bearing frame, plus a structural panel with a universal system for hanging a plasma or LCD television. Between the frame and panel, there's a space that holds cables and hides them from view. Furthering the clean look of cable management are slots at the back of each 17.5' x 13.75' shelf."