Thursday, January 24, 2008 - Make a Nokia 6126 work with iSync - Make a Nokia 6126 work with iSync

Executive Summary:

1. edit /Applications/

2. Find the entry for the Nokia 6111.

3. Copy this entry and s/6111/6126/.

"While trying to get my Nokia 6126 to work with iSync (it is not supported at the time of writing) I came across some info at about getting a 6131 to work. Since the 6126 is essentially a 6131 but for North America, I gave it a try and it worked.

  1. Make sure iSync is not running, and un-pair the phone from your Bluetooth preferences.
  2. Go to your applications folder and right click on the iSync application.
  3. Click on 'Show Package Contents'
  4. Navigate to Contents -> Plugins -> ApplePhoneConduit.Syncdevice -> Contents-> Plugins -> PhoneModelsSync.phoneplugin -> Contents -> Resources
  5. Within this last folder there will be a file called Metaclasses.plist
  6. Copy this file and rename it something like Metaclasses.plist.bkp, if you do not know how to do this, you shouldn't even be trying this.
  7. Once you have made a backup of the file, open the original file in a text editor and do a search for the Nokia 6111. When you find it, you will see that it is a Series 40 v3 device.
  8. Look at all the stuff that precedes it and follows it and make sure to copy only the stuff that pertains to the Nokia 6111 and copy/paste it right below it. This will give you two Nokia 6111's in a row. Then on the second Nokia 6111 change every instance of the 6111 with a 6126 and save the file.
  9. Pair the phone with your mac, and then launch isync.