Monday, January 25, 2010

United States Patent Application: 0090144402

United States Patent Application: 0090144402:
"Harrison; Mark June 4, 2009
Storage Management for Renderfarm


Systems and methods for storing assets in storage systems external to asset management systems while still allowing the asset management systems to track the stored assets are disclosed. One method begins by first receiving an asset to be stored in an asset management system. Next, a first location on a storage managed by the asset management system is determined. A second location on a storage system external to the asset management system is then determined. The external storage system has been configured to store the asset. The asset is then stored at the second location. A logical link is then determined to the second location. Finally, the logical link is stored at the first location. The disclosed systems and methods allow for an administrator to separate the storage methods used by asset management systems from the asset tracking and logging capabilities of asset management systems."