Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pachelbel Bedtime lyrics

Bathtime and Bedtime at the Crawford house inspired this little ditty.

Why don't you wanna say goodnight
Why is it that you do not go to your bed and sleep tight
until the morning light is coming,
casts its face upon your eyes,
and then you wake to greet the day God has made
and rejoice that you are part of it.

Why do you insist upon the crying and the moaning
and the whining and the screaming and the tantrums and the yelling
and the kicking and the smacking and the biting and the hissies
the one more drink of water and the "one more book please daddy"

and now,

I just want you to go to sleep, I don't want to hear a peep,
from either one, the day is well past done.

And I'm about to lose my mind,
Im gonna tear up your behind,
So nighty night,
Aand don't let the bedbugs bite.

Now it is so quiet and so peaceful
In this once chaotic house
We are are sleeping and we're dreaming
And it's as quiet as a mouse
But what is that familiar sound tiptoeing nearer?

Little steps approaching closer,
No, it can't be what i'm fearing

And it's not - it's just the cat
And she is purring so contently
and she snuggles at my feet,
to be sure it's quite endearing,
my lids relieve my eyes of all the stress that they were feeling
and i turn my head to sleep
but i feel somebody staring
and it's - augh!

She's staring right at me
her eyes are glazed with sleep,
I nearly wet, the sheets upon my bed,
Her lips, are trembling as she speaks,
Now there's color in her cheeks,
She looks so frail,
my heart begins to swell

Now she lays beside me and
she breathes so easily
her dreams are happy
and she sighs a tender sigh so peacefully
she knows her mommy and her daddy and her sissy love her greatly
and we sleep throughout the nighttime
never ever more sedately

and now

morning casts its light upon the pillow
where her head begins to stir
I try to wake her so her kind and gentle dreams
I don't disturb
but as I pull her from her slumber
ever slowly
I know in my heart of hearts exactly where this all is going

and the crying and moaning
and the whining and the screaming and the
"Daddy, you're so mean, how could you interrupt my dreaming",
the brushing of the hair,
and then the clothes they hate to wear,
i need to check the (?) and care
I gave her teddy bear.

And a son, in din in her own school, ???
all the work i travel to,
my mind's a wreck,
i keep hearing songs from Shrek,
I work all day and then go home,
all my stress is mostly gone,

my kids I see, and i pull them in closely,

then we start to do the homework
and the dinner must be started
and gymnastics and piano
and then groceries must be carted
and the smallest one is crying, "won't you hold me" like she's dying
and the oldest one's frustrated with her homework
though she's trying

and dinner's on the table but it's cold
because we waited for the children to get back
from practicing all their cheerleading
now the brocolli is so nasty,
the macaroni's pasty, the meat is tough as leather,
really nothing is quite tasty

so the crying and moaning
and the screaming and the whining
start again, but now the target is asleep
and sometime dining(?)

And I raise my hand in wonder
as I look around the table
how can anyone survive,
is anyone out there enabled

and I think about the laughter, when times are not so hectic,
and I know that though my stomach can get slightly nongo(?) peptic,
when I see their smiling faces when on swings I push them gently,
when I hold their little hands, life could not go more contently,

So the crying and the moaning and the screaming and the kicking
play a very tiny part of all the time my life is ticking,
and the good outweighs the bad, I am more happy than I'm sad,
For all of this I should be glad, I've had it better than my Dad,
You bet I have.