Monday, May 19, 2008

rst2a - about

rst2a - about: "rst2a was conceived by Andy Gayton, David Stokes, and Asi Behar as a solution to a persistent problem that plagued the team during their day jobs at Revver.

Every time a spec was needed, invariably, a debate over the format of the spec would arise - with developers preferring a plain text document on a wiki, and business people preferring traditional tools such as Microsoft Word based on a set template.

Cue reStructuredText - an easy-to-read, plain text document format designed to keep content and the style/formatting of content separate. Author the content once, then present it in a variety of formats - like html and pdf - with infinite possibilities for styles and templates.

After numerous proprietary-format-written specs that he couldn't open, Andy decided to build rst2a as an advocacy site to accomplish a few goals:

* Encourage the creation of additional rst styles.
* Present these styles in a digestable way, for people to download and use.
* Make it easy to convert rst documents to multiple formats, without having to install a heap of software locally.
* Help establish rst as a viable format for non-technical users."