Wednesday, May 03, 2006

iowahawk: The Real Acme

iowahawk: The Real Acme: "Still, even with a rocket there's a lot of weight and inertia involved in moving a large hunk of Detroit steel down a race track. That's why many discerning folks opted for the ne plus ultra of Turbonique insanity: ROCKET THRUST GO KARTS.

'TOO MUCH: The above cart, which is equipped with T-21-A engines, is considered unsafe for 1/4 mile competition as pictured. The thrust/weight ratio is such that speeds over 160 mph are reached within 4 seconds.'

Turbonique, the company where safety comes first!. Such pleas for moderation fell on the deaf ears of 'Captain Jack' McClurg, who eventually coaxed his Turbonique kart to over 240 mph in the early 1970s.