Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Docking Pack for your Gizmology

A Docking Pack for your Gizmology: "This is a quick and easy how-to piece, but it can dramatically clean up the space around your computer while making it much easier to 'grab and go' with all your essentials.

I'm sure you know the problem. You probably have a pretty decent collection of portable gadgets: iPod, PDA, digital camera, camcorder, cellular phone... and perhaps a few of the more esoteric things like ham radio, GPS, and weather station. Every one of these items has some support requirements, ranging from a charging cable to a USB-connected dock that lets it interface with your computer while topping off its battery. For most folks, this translates into a big mess of cables and clutter in the general vicinity of the machine, and I bet you've fished around a few times for the right unlabeled connector to shove into the inscrutable socket on some seldom-used widget. Packing it all up to go is an even bigger problem, and it's easy to forget a dusty charger when you're heading out the door in a hurry."