Saturday, September 04, 2010

Earthquake Kit


  1. spare glasses in holder attached to bedpost
  2. flashlight, batteries, hand-crank radio/charger
  3. spare keys.  also store spare keys at work
  4. clothing, in pillowcase under bed. shoes holding socks, underwear, bandana; jeans (pockets stuffed with useful items), warm shirt, sweatshirt, hat, and sturdy leather gloves.  bottles of water, hanky, tissues, whistle, mints, cash, meds.
  5. fire prevention kit: fire extinguisher, natural gas wrench (at valve).
  6. emergency tool kit in drawstring bag: phone with jack, walkie talkies, batteries, radio, swiss army knife, pliers, hammer, extra flashlights.
  7. 72-hour kit (  ready-to-eat food, bottled water, first aid kit, toilet paper, pet food and other items, in locking plastic tub. store outside of house.
rehearse: put on shoes, grab flashlight, turn off gas find neighbors' utility locations

rescue kit: dust masks, goggles, knee pads, elbow pads, and hardhats with headlamps; tents and tarps; floodlights, generator, Coleman lanterns, and emergency stoves and heaters; bandages and soup; duct tape, plastic sheeting, and spare lumber for covering shattered windows; down coats and sleeping bags; crow bars and car jacks and plenty more fire extinguishers.