Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pixar's Approach to HR | Design & Innovation | Fast Company

Pixar's Approach to HR | Design & Innovation | Fast Company: "Mostly, it's about hiring ultra-nerds with good communication skills. To wit: You want people who have become exceptional at a tiny discipline, no matter how obscure or dorky, since it's that compulsion to truly master something that predicts how they'll handle a new task. (Wannabe Pixar employees: Don't bury your unicycle or juggling skills on your resume.) Another idea is looking for people who have failed and overcome—as Nelson puts it, 'The core skill of innovators is error recovery not failure avoidance,' which is key if you're asking someone to solve a never-before-solved problem. But perhaps the squishiest trait is the ability to make others around you better, through communication and camaraderie."