Wednesday, October 29, 2008

FWWeekly: Feature: SAXE MANIAC

FWWeekly: Feature: SAXE MANIAC: "He may have given away as much as $6 million, a figure arrived at by adding the amounts of cash, pledges, and the estimated increased value of donated artworks during the last 40 years, but even he’s not sure. “I’ve forgotten some,” he said. “And I haven’t kept the best records,” like the cost of the 1983 Chevrolet pick-up that stayed behind at Happy Hills.

What makes Saxe unique in the annals of philanthropy, said Ruth Brock, a UTA business librarian and his companion of 30 years, is that almost all of the money he’s donated has come from his professor’s salary, boosted one time only by a half-million-dollar inheritance from his frugal, working-class mother. “And he got rid of that as fast as he could,” Brock said."