Tuesday, December 12, 2006

United States Patent: 6041325

United States Patent: 6041325:

"United States Patent 6,041,325
Shah , et al. March 21, 2000

System and method for controlling access to a telephony database


A flexible service management system creates, provisions, customizes, and restricts service offerings available on an intelligent network. A service creation environment has a schema query, service screen builder, and logic analyzer that cooperate to create a service screen definition. The service screen definition supports graphical user interfaces that interface with a telephony database. The service screen definition is deployed to a service management system within a service definition package, the service management system interfacing with a telephony database storing telephony data for supporting a service. The service screen definition enables a screen interpreter that can reside on a service management access point to communicate and transact data with the telephony database. The screen interpreter interprets the service screen definition to allow and control access to telephony data and to direct provisioning of services to network elements, such as a service control point, that perform service functions according to customized subscription data in the telephony database. The graphical user interface can communicate through the world wide web to allow customer or other data entry operator access to data on a filtered or restricted basis.

Inventors: Shah; Tasvir (Irving, TX), Harrison; Mark A. (Fort Worth, TX), Bilbo; Matthew (Bedford, TX)
Assignee: Alcatel USA Sourcing, L.P. (Plano, TX)
Appl. No.: 08/948,161
Filed: October 9, 1997"