Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Day That Nothing Happened

The Day That Nothing Happened: "The Wal-Mart in the basement of my building sells live frogs in a big aquarium, for eating. I don't know what surprised me more when I moved here - the frogs, or the Wal-Mart. Our favorite intergalactic retailer doesn't mess around when it comes to creating 'capitalism with Chinese characteristics', as a group of Kentucky tourists hunting fruitlessly for American cheese in the dairy aisle found to their chagrin the other day. The company knows its market; in addition to the frogs there are live turtles (plastic bar code tags threaded through little holes in their shells), a special hot Peking duck stand, endless noodles and only a small selection of beer and spirits, though you are welcome to down a big shot of Chivas regal from the sampling booth as you shop. Chinese "