Thursday, April 06, 2006

HOWTO: G5 PowerMac Hard Drive RAID on the Cheap.

HOWTO: G5 PowerMac Hard Drive RAID on the Cheap.: "Boosting performance on a budget

Although my 1.8 Dual G5 is plenty the power-horse for my daily tasks, iMovie/iDVD frame drops are driving me nuts. After I burned my 5th DVD of our Vegas vacation -- trying to get at least one disk with no dropped frames -- it became clear what to do with the money I got for Christmas this year. Limited to a little over 300 bux, I beefed up my project machine with a 3 drive RAID.

As with all projects, this one had rules.

* At least 3 hard drives.
* 50 Gig drive capacity or larger.
* No USB or Firewire.
* Best case: everything will be internal.
* $320 is the budget.
* No cutting, slicing, bending or drilling into the case allowed."