Saturday, March 25, 2006

Christie Hefner: How Playboy Protects Its Assets

Christie Hefner: How Playboy Protects Its Assets: "What content management and digital rights management technology does Playboy use?

Our content management tools are all currently designed and built in-house, but we're in the process of evaluating vendors for an enterprise system that will allow us more flexibility and shorter time to market. We use Microsoft's DRM for Windows Media files and Real's Helix Server for Real Media files [for digital rights management].

What were the challenges in deploying the technologies?

Our biggest challenge so far has been in finding qualified people to help us build the infrastructure. The kinds of projects we're taking on are relatively innovative and experts can be difficult to find, particularly with respect to distribution of content to mobile devices and the home. For example, we recently launched a subscription-based 'video podcast' offering—at the time we released it we were the only company offering this type of service, so it was a challenge to find people with that expertise."